Thursday, 2 August 2018

All Tawke on Peshkabir: Is Tawke production declining?

The Tawke PSC encompasses the Tawke and Peshkabir fields. In 2017, operator DNO commenced production at Peshkabir and in 2018, drilled the Peshkabir-4 and -5 wells taking production up to 30-35mbopd.

However, the limited disclosure by DNO means it is difficult to break out the production on the Tawke PSC between the Tawke and Peshkabir fields. Based on various disclosures between DNO and partner Genel, it appears that production at Tawke is declining, masked by an uptick in Peshkabir.

The Tawke PSC has been producing just c.110mbopd. However closer study reveals that Peshkabir production is now compensating on falling production on the main Tawke field, and hence maintaining the c.110mbopd levels across the PSC.

Although more production history is required, there are now concerns of the problems encountered at TaqTaq by Genel where reserves and production were significantly reduced as water started to be produced from the reservoirs.

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